Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Backlink as Much as Possible

Search Engine take into account how popular a site is and how many sites are linking to your website. Make you content something that people would want to link to. The more Backlinks your site have, the more search engines will notice your site. Giving you a higher page rank and more visitors.

Also as I always say link to websites your self as much as possible to generate free traffic to you website. The more traffic the more potential to make money.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Link to Popular Web Sites

Okay, here is a tip that makes "cents". Link to popular websites that are already recognize by search engines. This will up your PR(page rank) that will give you noticed by search engines and generate more free traffic for you.

Link to a site that are relevant to your website. You want this because it will give the visitor a reason to click on your link. Making them a visitor that want to find you. And a visitor that wants to find you is a visitor that wants whatever is on your site. Which will make you more money and a better conversion rate.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Bum Marketing for Web Traffic

The key to bum marketing is thinking like a bum. Thinking how am I able to drive a good bit of traffic to my site with no or little money to pay for advertising.
Bum Marketing is free and cheap advertising.

If you are reading this right now its because of bum marketing. I've create this blog for just that.

Thinking like a bum is quite easy...RIGHT!

I'm talking about an internet bum. You have no money but I want to make some cash on the internet. You have or may not have a website or you just want to make money on a blog or something.

Bum Marketing Questions:
Where can I post my link so that people will click on my site?

Well to get actual clicks on your link and on your web page it help to know a couple things.
More than likely if you spam a site you may get clicks but those are mostly not the clicks you want. You want people to want to find you. If you spam on a irrelevant forum that is not even about what your site is about, your wasting your time. But if you link to a site that is relevant to what your site is about you have a good chance making money from your ads or what your selling.

Is Bum Marketing all about SPAM?
Don't spam! Like I said, post your links on something that's relevant of what your website/blog is about. No one that is on the internet for baby names want to see a link about "how to be mechanic" or something that is non related to what they are there for.

Places to Bum Market.
Forums, Twitter, Social Networking Sites, Online Classified Ads, ect.
Where you don't have to pay and when it doesn't appear as spam your good to go. I even go on Craigslist sometime even though I'm often deleted.

The Key.
The Key to Bum Marketing is to give go information when you are in forums. Beg on social networking sites, and be a bum but don't appear like a spammer. No one clicks when they feel like they are being spammed.

If you are hungry for more information there are some free ebooks out there to give you more information.